Amend Florida Certificate of Authority

Amended Florida Certificate of Authority

(1) A foreign corporation authorized to transact business in this state shall make application to the Department of State to obtain an amended certificate of authority if it changes:

(a) Its corporate name;
(b) The period of its duration; or
(c) The jurisdiction of its incorporation.

(2) Such application shall be made within 90 days after the occurrence of any change mentioned in subsection (1), shall be made on forms prescribed by the Department of State, and shall be executed in accordance with s. 607.0120. The foreign corporation shall deliver with the completed application, a certificate, or a document of similar import, authenticated as of a date not more than 90 days prior to delivery of the application to the Department of State by the Secretary of State or other official having custody of corporate records in the jurisdiction under the laws of which it is incorporated, evidencing the amendment. A translation of the certificate, under oath or affirmation of the translator, must be attached to a certificate that is in a language other than English. The application shall set forth:

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(a) The name of the foreign corporation as it appears on the records of the Department of State.
(b) The jurisdiction of its incorporation.
(c) The date it was authorized to do business in this state.
(d) If the name of the foreign corporation has been changed, the name relinquished, the new name, a statement that the change of name has been effected under the laws of the jurisdiction of its incorporation, and the date the change was effected.
(e) If the amendment changes its period of duration, a statement of such change.
(f) If the amendment changes the jurisdiction of incorporation, a statement of such change.
(3) The requirements of s. 607.1503 for obtaining an original certificate of authority apply to obtaining an amended certificate under this section.


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