Application for Certificate of Authority

Application for Certificate of Authority (State of Florida)

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(1) A foreign corporation may apply for a certificate of authority to transact business in this state by delivering an application to the Department of State for filing. Such application shall be made on forms prescribed and furnished by the Department of State and shall set forth:

(a) The name of the foreign corporation as long as its name satisfies the requirements of s. 607.0401, but if its name does not satisfy such requirements, a corporate name that otherwise satisfies the requirements of s. 607.1506;
(b) The jurisdiction under the law of which it is incorporated;
(c) Its date of incorporation and period of duration;
(d) The street address of its principal office;
(e) The address of its registered office in this state and the name of its registered agent at that office;
(f) The names and usual business addresses of its current directors and officers;
(g) Such additional information as may be necessary or appropriate in order to enable the Department of State to determine whether such corporation is entitled to file an application for authority to transact business in this state and to determine and assess the fees and taxes payable as prescribed in this act.
(2) The foreign corporation shall deliver with the completed application a certificate of existence (or a document of similar import) duly authenticated, not more than 90 days prior to delivery of the application to the Department of State, by the secretary of state or other official having custody of corporate records in the jurisdiction under the law of which it is incorporated. A translation of the certificate, under oath of the translator, must be attached to a certificate which is in a language other than the English language.
(3) A foreign corporation shall not be denied authority to transact business in this state by reason of the fact that the laws of the jurisdiction under which such corporation is organized governing its organization and internal affairs differ from the laws of this state.


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