Becoming a Notary in Florida

Order Florida Notary Supplies Here


To be eligible to become a notary public, one must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of Florida. If granted a commission, legal residency must be maintained throughout the four-year term of the commission.

Anyone interested in becoming a notary public needs to complete an application packet which may be obtained from one of the bonding agencies that has been approved to electronically submit application information to the Division of Corporations, Notary Commissions Section or downloaded from our site.

Completed forms DS-DE 77 and DS-DE 76 from the application packet must be returned to the Division through one of the approved agencies, along with a $39 check or money order made payable to the Department of State. We do not accept cash. Once the notary public commission is issued, it will be returned to the sending agency for distribution to the notary.

Furthermore, Florida Law now provides that ‘A first-time applicant for a notary commission must submit proof that the applicant has, within 1 year prior to the application, completed at least 3 hours of interactive or classroom instruction, including electronic notarization, and covering the duties of the notary public.’ (Ch. 2000-164, F.S.) This requirement may be satisfied by completing, at no cost, the course offered by the Florida Department of State and the Governor’s Office on the internet at The course is also offered by certain state-authorized private organizations. After completing the course, you will receive an individual certificate of completion which can be submitted with the application.

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