Certificate of Conversion Florida Corporations

Certificate of Conversion…….

(1) After a plan of conversion is approved by the board of directors and shareholders of a converting domestic corporation, such corporation shall deliver to the Department of State for filing a certificate of conversion which shall be executed by the domestic corporation as required by s. 607.0120 and shall set forth:

(a) A statement that the domestic corporation has been converted into another business entity in compliance with this chapter and that the conversion complies with the applicable laws governing the other business entity.
(b) A statement that the plan of conversion was approved by the converting domestic corporation in accordance with this chapter and, if applicable, a statement that the written consent of each shareholder of such domestic corporation who, as a result of the conversion, becomes a general partner of the surviving entity has been obtained pursuant to s. 607.1112(6).
(c) The effective date of the conversion, which, subject to the limitations in s. 607.0123(2), may be on or after the date of filing the certificate of conversion but shall not be different than the effective date of the conversion under the laws governing the other business entity into which the domestic corporation has been converted.
(d) The address, including street and number, if any, of the principal office of the other business entity under the laws of the state, country, or jurisdiction in which such other business entity was organized.
(e) If the other business entity is a foreign entity and is not authorized to transact business in this state, a statement that the other business entity appoints the Secretary of State as its agent for service of process in a proceeding to enforce obligations of the converting domestic corporation, including any appraisal rights of shareholders of the converting domestic corporation under ss. 607.1301607.1333 and the street and mailing address of an office which the Department of State may use for purposes of s. 607.1114(4).
(f) A statement that the other business entity has agreed to pay any shareholders having appraisal rights the amount to which they are entitled under ss. 607.1301607.1333.
(2) A copy of the certificate of conversion, certified by the Department of State, may be filed in the official records of any county in this state in which the converting domestic corporation holds an interest in real property.
(3) A converting domestic corporation is not required to file a certificate of conversion pursuant to subsection (1) if the converting domestic corporation files articles of conversion or a certificate of conversion that substantially complies with the requirements of this section pursuant to s. 605.1045, s. 620.2104(1)(b), or s. 620.8914(1)(b) and contains the signatures required by this chapter. In such a case, the other certificate of conversion may also be used for purposes of subsection (2).


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