Conversion of Domestic Corporation Into Another Business Entity.

Effect of conversion of domestic corporation into another business entity.

When a conversion becomes effective:

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(1) A domestic corporation that has been converted into another business entity pursuant to this chapter is for all purposes the same entity that existed before the conversion.

(2) The title to all real property and other property, or any interest therein, owned by the domestic corporation at the time of its conversion into the other business entity remains vested in the converted entity without reversion or impairment by operation of this chapter.
(3) The other business entity into which the domestic corporation was converted shall continue to be responsible and liable for all the liabilities and obligations of the converting domestic corporation, including liability to any shareholders having appraisal rights under ss. 607.1301-607.1333 with respect to such conversion.
(4) Any claim existing or action or proceeding pending by or against any domestic corporation that is converted into another business entity may be continued as if the conversion did not occur. If the converted entity is a foreign entity, it shall be deemed to have consented to the jurisdiction of the courts of this state to enforce any obligation of the converting domestic corporation if, before the conversion, the converting domestic corporation was subject to suit in this state on the obligation. A converted entity that is a foreign entity and not authorized to transact business in this state shall appoint the Department of State as its agent for service of process for purposes of enforcing an obligation under this subsection, including any appraisal rights of shareholders under ss. 607.1301-607.1333 to the extent applicable to the conversion. Service on the Department of State under this subsection shall be made in the same manner and with the same consequences as under s. 48.181.
(5) Neither the rights of creditors nor any liens upon the property of a domestic corporation that is converted into another business entity under this chapter shall be impaired by such conversion.
(6) The shares, obligations, and other securities, or rights to acquire shares, obligations, or other securities, of the domestic corporation shall be converted into the partnership interests, limited liability company interests, obligations, or other securities of the other business entity, including any rights to acquire any such interests, obligations, or other securities, or, in whole or in part, into cash, or other consideration, as provided in the plan of conversion. The former shareholders of the converting domestic corporation shall be entitled only to the rights provided in the plan of conversion and to their appraisal rights, if any, under ss. 607.1301-607.1333 or other applicable law.

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