Conversion of Domestic Corporation Into Another Business Entity.

(1) As used in this section and ss. 607.1113 and 607.1114, the term “another business entity” or “other business entity” means a limited liability company; a common law or business trust or association; a real estate investment trust; a general partnership, including a limited liability partnership; a limited partnership, including a limited liability limited partnership; or any other domestic or foreign entity that is organized under a governing law or other applicable law, provided such term shall not include a corporation and shall not include any entity that has not been organized for profit.
(2) Pursuant to a plan of conversion complying with and approved in accordance with this section, a domestic corporation may convert to another business entity organized under the laws of this state or any other state, the United States, a foreign country, or other foreign jurisdiction, if:

(a) The domestic corporation converting to the other business entity complies with the applicable provisions of this chapter.
(b) The conversion is permitted by the laws of the jurisdiction that enacted the applicable laws under which the other business entity is governed and the other business entity complies with such laws in effecting the conversion.
(3) The plan of conversion shall set forth:

(a) The name of the domestic corporation and the name and jurisdiction of organization of the other business entity to which the domestic corporation is to be converted.
(b) The terms and conditions of the conversion, including the manner and basis of converting the shares, obligations, or other securities, or rights to acquire shares, obligations, or other securities, of the domestic corporation into the partnership interests, limited liability company interests, obligations, or other securities of the other business entity, including any rights to acquire any such interests, obligations, or other securities, or, in whole or in part, into cash or other consideration.
(c) All statements required to be set forth in the plan of conversion by the laws under which the other business entity is governed.
(4) The plan of conversion shall include, or have attached to it, the articles, certificate, registration, or other organizational document by which the other business entity has been or will be organized under its governing laws.
(5) The plan of conversion may also set forth any other provisions relating to the conversion.
(6) The plan of conversion shall be adopted and approved by the board of directors and shareholders of a domestic corporation in the same manner as a merger of a domestic corporation under s. 607.1103. Notwithstanding such requirement, if the other business entity is a partnership or limited partnership, no shareholder of the converting domestic corporation shall, as a result of the conversion, become a general partner of the partnership or limited partnership, unless such shareholder specifically consents in writing to becoming a general partner of such partnership or limited partnership and, unless such written consent is obtained from each such shareholder, such conversion shall not become effective under s. 607.1114. Any shareholder providing such consent in writing shall be deemed to have voted in favor of the plan of conversion pursuant to which the shareholder became a general partner.
(7) Section 607.1103 and ss. 607.1301-607.1333 shall, insofar as they are applicable, apply to a conversion of a domestic corporation into another business entity in accordance with this chapter.

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