Corporation’s Acquisition of its Own Shares of Stock

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(1) A corporation may acquire its own shares, and, unless otherwise provided in the articles of incorporation or except as provided in subsection (4) or subsection (5), shares so acquired constitute authorized but unissued shares of the same class but undesignated as to series.
(2) If the articles of incorporation prohibit the reissue of acquired shares, the number of authorized shares is reduced by the number of shares acquired, effective upon amendment of the articles of incorporation.
(3) Articles of amendment may be adopted by the board of directors without shareholder action, shall be delivered to the Department of State for filing, and shall set forth:

(a) The name of the corporation;
(b) The reduction in the number of authorized shares, itemized by class and series; and
(c) The total number of authorized shares, itemized by class and series, remaining after reduction of the shares.
(4) Shares of a corporation in existence on June 30, 1990, which are treasury shares under s. 607.004(18), Florida Statutes (1987), shall be issued, but not outstanding, until canceled or disposed of by the corporation.
(5) A corporation that has shares of any class or series which are either registered on a national securities exchange or designated as a national market system security on an interdealer quotation system by the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., may acquire such shares and designate, either in the bylaws or in the resolutions of its board, that shares so acquired by the corporation shall constitute treasury shares.

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