Florida Annual Report Late Fee

How much does it cost to file an annual report?   If the report is filed by May 1st, the annual report filing fee is as follows: $150 for a profit corporation; $61.25 for a not for profit corporation; $138.75 for a limited liability company; and $500 for a limited partnership or limited liability limited partnership. A $400 late fee will apply to profit corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership and limited liability limited partnership annual reports filed after May 1st. Not for profit corporations are not subject to the $400 late fee.

Can the $400 late fee be waived or abated?   There is no provision to abate or waive the $400 late fee. Section 607.193(2)(b), F.S., was repealed during the 2010 Legislative Session. All business entities, except non-profit corporations, must pay the $400 late fee if their annual report is filed after May 1st, even if the business entity did not receive its annual report filing notices.

What happens if I don’t file the annual report?   Failure to file an annual report by the 3rd Friday of September will result in the administrative dissolution or revocation of the business entity on our records at the close of business on the 4th Friday of September. Administratively dissolved or revoked entities may be reinstated by submitting the appropriate reinstatement application and the appropriate fees due this office at the time the entity applies for reinstatement. Names of administratively dissolved or revoked business entities are made available to other parties after one calendar year.

Do I still need to file an annual report if the business entity has closed?  Do not file the annual report unless you wish to keep the business entity active on our records. (Note: The $400 late fee only applies to those business entities that wish to stay active on our records and fail to file their annual reports on or before May 1st.) You may click on the following link to dissolve or withdraw a Florida or Foreign Corporation or  Limited Liability Company on our records utilizing our online filing system: https://efile.sunbiz.org/onlmenu.html. Or, if you prefer, you may file the dissolution or withdrawal by mail.  Please click on the following link to download the appropriate form and instructions: http://www.sunbiz.org/downloads.html.

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