Florida Articles of Incorporation

Incorporate in Florida:


(1) The articles of incorporation must set forth:
(a) A corporate name for the corporation that satisfies the requirements of s. 607.0401;
(b) The street address of the initial principal office and, if different, the mailing address of the corporation;
(c) The number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue;
(d) If any preemptive rights are to be granted to shareholders, the provision therefor;
(e) The street address of the corporation’s initial registered office and the name of its initial registered agent at that office together with a written acceptance as required in s. 607.0501(3); and
(f) The name and address of each incorporator.
(2) The articles of incorporation may set forth:
(a) The names and addresses of the individuals who are to serve as the initial directors;
(b) Provisions not inconsistent with law regarding:
1. The purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized;
2. Managing the business and regulating the affairs of the corporation;
3. Defining, limiting, and regulating the powers of the corporation and its board of directors and shareholders;
4. A par value for authorized shares or classes of shares;
5. The imposition of personal liability on shareholders for the debts of the corporation to a specified extent and upon specified conditions; and
(c) Any provision that under this act is required or permitted to be set forth in the bylaws.
(3) The articles of incorporation need not set forth any of the corporate powers enumerated in this act.

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