Florida Articles Of Incorporation

Florida Articles Of Incorporation


Articles of incorporation. (1) The articles of incorporation must set forth:

(a) a corporate name for the corporation that satisfies the requirements of ;

(b) the number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue;

(c) (i) the information required by (1); and

(ii) the name of its initial registered agent; and

(d) the name and business mailing address of each incorporator.

(2) The articles of incorporation may set forth:

(a) the names and complete street addresses of the individuals who are to serve as the initial directors;

(b) provisions consistent with law regarding:

(i) the purpose or purposes for which the corporation is organized;

(ii) managing the business and regulating the affairs of the corporation;

(iii) defining, limiting, and regulating the powers of the corporation, its board of directors, and shareholders;

(iv) a par value for authorized shares or classes of shares; and

(v) the imposition of personal liability on shareholders for the debts of the corporation to a specified extent and upon specified conditions;

(c) any provision that under this chapter is required or permitted to be set forth in the bylaws; and

(d) a provision eliminating or limiting the liability of a director to the corporation or its shareholders for money damages for any actions taken or any failure to take any action, as a director, except liability for:

(i) the amount of a financial benefit received by a director to which the director is not entitled;

(ii) an intentional infliction of harm on the corporation or the shareholders;

(iii) a violation of ; or

(iv) an intentional violation of criminal law.

(3) The articles of incorporation are not required to set forth any of the corporate powers enumerated in this chapter.