Florida Corporation / LLC How to File Annual Report

Step 1:   If you are a first-time annual report filer or have not filed an annual report online before, our online filing system is easy to follow. However, you may wish to print these instructions and use them as a step-by-step guide to complete your report.

Step 2:   Next, return to our homepage, www.sunbiz.org, and click on the box in the middle of the screen titled “File Current Year Annual Report or Amended Annual Report”. (Note: If the “File Current Year Annual Report or Amended Annual Report” box is missing from the middle of our homepage, please click on “E-Filing Services”, located at the top of our homepage, or “E-Filing Services”, located under “Popular Links”, and then click on the “Annual Report Filing” option.)

Step 3:   Enter your Florida Department of State document number in the block provided in the middle of the screen and click the “Submit” button. Your document number is listed in the electronic notice or on the postcard you received from the Division of Corporations. If you don´t know your document number or you can´t find it, you may search our  website by clicking on the following link and entering the name of your business entity:  http://www.sunbiz.org/search.html. You must use the 6 or 12 digit document number assigned to your corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, or limited liability limited partnership by the Florida Department of State to file your annual report form. (Note: Only the first digit of your document number may be a letter of the alphabet. All other digits are numeric. Do not use the letter “o” on your keyboard for a zero.)

“Report and Update Information” Section

Step 4:   Click the “Edit FEI/EIN Number” block to enter your Federal Employer Identification (FEI/EIN) number in the space provided if the number is not already listed or the FEI number is not correct. If you have “Applied For” the FEI/EIN number or if it is “Not Applicable”, click in the appropriate circle. If the “Applied For” circle is already marked, you reported the FEI/EIN number was previously applied for and you must list the number in the space provided to proceed. Call the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at 1(800)829-4933 to obtain a FEI/EIN number.

Step 5:   Verify the principal place of business address. If the address has changed, click the “Edit Principal Address” block and enter the correct address. This address must be a physical address. A post office box is not acceptable. The principal office address can be in care of an individual. Please include the zip code when applicable. An out-of-state address is acceptable. If you have an out-of-country address, please select the appropriate country and enter the address in the blocks provided to the best of your ability.

Step 6:   Verify the mailing address. If the address has changed, click the “Edit Mailing Address” block and enter the correct mailing address. A post office box is acceptable. If the principal office and mailing addresses are the same, check the box provided. An out-of-state address is acceptable.

Step 7:   Verify the registered agent and/or registered office address. If the registered agent has changed, click the “Edit Agent” block and enter the name of the new registered agent. What is a registered agent? The registered agent is the person designated to accept service of process on behalf of your business entity. A registered agent can be a person or business entity. A business entity cannot serve as its own registered agent, but an individual or principal associated with the business (i.e., owner, officer, director, member, manager, director, etc.) can serve as the registered agent. Any business entity serving as a registered agent must have an active filing/registration on the records of this office.

ATTENTION INSURANCE COMPANIES:   Insurance companies with the “Chief Financial Officer” listed as their registered agent cannot change their registered agent or registered office on our records. Contact the Division of Insurance Regulation for further instructions.

If you change your registered agent, the new registered agent must accept the designation by “electronically signing” the annual report. To “electronically sign”, simply type the signature of the agent in the space provided. If signing on behalf of a business entity, type the name and title of the person signing on behalf of the designated business entity.

Step 8:   If the registered office address has changed, click the “Edit Address” block and enter the new registered office address. The registered office address must be a Florida street address. A post office box or post office drawer is not acceptable.

Step 9:   Next, please review the principals associated with this business entity. You may edit, add or delete the information listed by clicking on the options provided. You may list up to 150 principals (i.e., officers, directors, managers, managing members, etc.) on our computer database. Please enter the principals you want listed on our data base. If you have more than 150 principals, please contact our office for special filing instructions. At least 1 principal must be provided. Enter or change the appropriate title(s), names and street addresses of the principals in the spaces provided. A person may serve in more than one capacity. You may select your title(s) from the listed provided or insert the appropriate title in the space provided.

If you are a limited partnership (LP) or limited liability limited partnership (LLLP), you cannot change the general partners on the annual report. You must file a Certificate of Amendment to add or delete a general partner. You may, however, change the address of a general partner.

Step 10:   If you want or need a certificate of status, click “Yes.” What is a certificate of status? A certificate of status will verify your business entity is active on our records and has paid all fees for the current year. There is an additional charge for a certificate of status. The fee for a certificate of status for a Profit Corporation, Not for Profit Corporation, Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Limited Partnership is $8.75. A certificate of status for a Limited Liability Company is $5.00. A certificate will not be generated or e-mailed to you unless you check the circle, even if you include the certificate fee in your check or money order. The certificate fee will be added to your annual report fee.

Notice:   All certificates of status will be returned electronically via e-mail and will be sent to the e-mail address you provided, regardless of the payment method you choose. Because the certificate of status is electronically generated it cannot be returned to you by U.S. mail. The certificate of status will be e-mailed to you once your report has been processed. The e-mail containing the certificate of status as an attachment will be sent from “onlineWebAR”. Please be sure to check your spam or junk mail folder for this e-mail if you have a spam blocker.

Step 11:   Once you have completed, reviewed and confirmed the information listed through Step 10, click “Move on to the Final Review” to move on to the “Final Review” section.

“Final Review” Section

Step 12:   Review and confirm your information once again. Click the red “NO! Continue Editing” option in “Section 4 of 6” if you need to make any corrections. NOTICE: Pursuant to s.817.155, Florida Statutes, it is a 3rd Degree Felony to knowingly file a false document with the Division of Corporations.

Step 13:   Enter your e-mail address. Be careful! Double-check your e-mail address for typos! We will use this e-mail address to return your certificate of status (if requested) and for all future e-mails from our office.

Step 14:   The annual report must be “electronically signed” by one of the principals (i.e., officers, directors, managers, managing members, partners, etc.) listed on the report. The individual “electronically signing” must type his/her name in the designated signature block and type the appropriate abbreviation for his or her title in the title block located above the signature block. If signing on behalf of a business entity, type the name and title of the person signing on behalf of the designated business entity.

Step 15: Next, click the “Move on to Payment Section” button at the bottom of the page.

“Payment Section”

Step 16:   Review the “Payment Due” box for the total amount due.  This amount will include the required filing fee and the certificate of status fee, if a certificate was requested.

The FEES are as follows:

If the report is filed by May 1st:

Profit Corporation Annual Report: $150 (+ $8.75 if certificate of status requested)

Not for Profit Corporation Annual Report: $61.25 (+ $8.75 if certificate of status requested)

Limited Liability Company Annual Report: $138.75 (+ $5.00 if certificate of status requested)

Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Limited Partnership Annual Report: $500.00 (+ $8.75 if certificate of status requested)

After May 1st:   An additional $400 late fee will apply to profit corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership and limited liability limited partnership annual reports filed after May 1st.   Not for profit corporations are not subject to the $400 late fee.

Step 17:   Select your payment method. There are three payment options: credit/debit card, check (or money order), or by Sunbiz E-file account. Note: You may use your “back” arrow at the top of the “Filing Payment” page to change your payment method if you need or want to do so.

Step 18:   Next, follow the instructions displayed on the screen for the payment option you selected. If you choose to pay with a credit card or a pre-established Sunbiz E-file Account, the report should be processed immediately and posted on our website. If you choose to pay with a check or money order, you must print the voucher payment page and mail it with your check or money order as instructed, within 10 business days. Make the check or money order payable to the Florida Department of State. The report will be filed and posted on our web site after the voucher payment page and check or money order are received and processed by our office. Allow 3 weeks for reports paid for by check or money order to post on our web site.

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