Florida Corporation or LLC – Sunbiz.org

If the business structure you’ve chosen is a corporation, limited liability company, or limited
partnership, you will need to create the entity or have your attorney do it for you.
• You may have heard that registering your business entity in a state other than Washington is the way to go. Do your homework before acting on that advice! If you’re operating your business in Washington, you’ll need to be registered in Washington. If you do the initial registration in another state, you’ll need to register in Washington as a “foreign” corporation or LLC. You won’t save anything in state registration, licensing, and tax costs for your Washington operation, but you’ll have the added costs of the other state.
•Determine who will be your “registered agent,” the Washington-based person who isto receive your official business entity notifications. It can be you, your attorney, or an outside party.
•Create “Articles of Incorporation” (corporation), or “Articles of Organization” (limited liability company), and file them with the Secretary of State’s office. Alternatively, youcan use the Secretary of State’s forms available online. See filing costs

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