Florida Corporation Stock Certificates

Order Florida Corporation Stock Certificates Here.

(1) Shares may but need not be represented by certificates. Unless this act or another statute expressly provides otherwise, the rights and obligations of shareholders are identical whether or not their shares are represented by certificates.
(2) At a minimum, each share certificate must state on its face:

(a) The name of the issuing corporation and that the corporation is organized under the laws of this state;
(b) The name of the person to whom issued; and
(c) The number and class of shares and the designation of the series, if any, the certificate represents.
(3) If the issuing corporation is authorized to issue different classes of shares or different series within a class, the designations, relative rights, preferences, and limitations applicable to each class and the variations in rights, preferences, and limitations determined for each series (and the authority of the board of directors to determine variations for future series) must be summarized on the front or back of each certificate. Alternatively, each certificate may state conspicuously on its front or back that the corporation will furnish the shareholder a full statement of this information on request and without charge.
(4) Each share certificate:

(a) Must be signed (either manually or in facsimile) by an officer or officers designated in the bylaws or designated by the board of directors, and
(b) May bear the corporate seal or its facsimile.
(5) If the person who signed (either manually or in facsimile) a share certificate no longer holds office when the certificate is issued, the certificate is nevertheless valid.
(6) Nothing in this section may be construed to invalidate any share certificate validly issued and outstanding under the general corporation law on July 1, 1990.


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