Florida LLC Filing Requirements

Requirements in Filing a LLC in The State of Florida

(1) To be filed by the Department of State, a document must satisfy the following requirements, as supplemented or modified by any other section of this chapter:

(a) This chapter must require or permit filing the document by the Department of State.
(b) The document must be executed as required by s. 608.408.
(c) The document must contain any information required by this chapter and may contain other information the limited liability company elects to include.
(d) The document must be typewritten or printed and must be legible.
(e) The document must be in the English language. A limited liability company name need not be in English if written in English letters or Arabic or Roman numerals, and the certificate of existence required of a foreign limited liability company need not be in English if accompanied by a reasonably authenticated English translation.
(f) If the Department of State has prescribed a mandatory form for the document, the document must be in or on the prescribed form.
(g) The document must be delivered to the Department of State for filing and must be accompanied by the correct filing fee and any other tax or penalty required by this chapter or other law.
(2) The document may be accompanied by one exact or conformed copy.
(3) Any signature on any certificate authorized to be filed by the Department of State under any provision of this chapter may be a facsimile, a conformed signature, or an electronically transmitted signature.

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