Florida Notary Public Marriage Ceremony

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General Procedure

One of the most interesting, an
d somewhat unusual, duties of a
Florida Notary Public is to perfo
rm marriage ceremonies. The law
giving Notaries the authority “to solemnize the rites of
matrimony” was enacted in 1861
. To solemnize a marriage, you
should follow this general procedure:
The couple must obtain a va
lid Florida marriage license
from a county court judge or Cl
erk of the Circuit Court and
present it to you before the
marriage ceremony. You should
check both the effective and
the expiration dates of the
license to ensure that the lice
nse is valid. You should also
require identification if th
e bride and groom are not
personally known to you.
You then perform the marriage
ceremony. An example of a
simple, civil ceremony
is printed below, first in English and
followed in Spanish. It may be
personalized, and the bride
and groom may even exchange
their own vows. But, the
couple’s vows must reflect their intentions to make a legally
binding commitment
to each other.
You are responsible for completing the certificate portion of
the Marriage Record
and returning it to
the office that
issued the license within 10
days after solemnizing the

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