Formation of a Florida Limited Liability Company

Formation of a Florida LLC

(1) One or more persons may act as authorized representatives to form a limited liability company by signing and delivering articles of organization to the department for filing.
(2) The articles of organization must state the following:

(a) The name of the limited liability company, which must comply with s. 605.0112.
(b) The street and mailing addresses of the company’s principal office.
(c) The name, street address in this state, and written acceptance of the company’s initial registered agent.
(3) The articles of organization may contain statements on matters other than those required under subsection (2), but may not vary from or otherwise affect the provisions specified in s. 605.0105(3) in a manner inconsistent with that subsection. Additional statements may include one or more of the following:

(a) A declaration as to whether the limited liability company is manager-managed for purposes of s. 605.0407 and other relevant provisions of this chapter.
(b) For a manager-managed limited liability company, the names and addresses of one or more of the managers of the company.
(c) For a member-managed limited liability company, the names and addresses of one or more of the members of the company.
(d) A description of the authority or limitation on the authority of a specific person in the company or a person holding a position or having a specified status in the company.
(e) Any other relevant matters.
(4) A limited liability company is formed when the company’s articles of organization become effective under s. 605.0207 and when at least one person becomes a member at the time the articles of organization become effective. By signing the articles of organization, the person who signs the articles of organization affirms that the company has or will have at least one member as of the time the articles of organization become effective.


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