How To Change My Registered Agent in The State of Florida

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(1) A limited liability company may change its registered office or agent by filing with the Department of State a statement setting forth:

(a) The name of the limited liability company.
(b) The street address of its current registered office.
(c) If the street address of its registered office is to be changed, the new street address.
(d) If its current registered agent is to be changed, the name of the new registered agent and the new registered agent’s written consent to the appointment, either on the statement or attached to it.
(e) That such change was authorized by affirmative vote of the members or as otherwise provided in the articles of organization or the operating agreement of the limited liability company.
(2) Any registered agent may resign his or her agency appointment by signing and delivering for filing with the Department of State a statement of resignation and mailing a copy of such statement to the limited liability company at its principal office address shown in its most recently filed document. The agency is terminated and the registered office discontinued, if so provided, on the 31st day after the date on which the statement was filed with the Department of State. After receipt of the notice of the resignation of its registered agent, the limited liability company for which such registered agent was acting shall obtain and designate a new registered agent, to take the place of the resigning registered agent.
(3) A registered agent may change the address of the registered office of any limited liability company for which such agent is the registered agency by notifying the limited liability company in writing of the change, signing, either manually or in facsimile, and delivering to the Department of State for filing a statement that complies with the requirements of paragraphs (1)(a)-(d), and reciting that the limited liability company has been notified of the change.

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