Employer Identification Number

After an entity selection is made and the entity is created by a filing with the Florida  Secretary of State if required, most businesses will need to complete certain registrations with the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS filing involves obtaining a federal employer identification number (FEIN) by submitting a Form SS-4 application either with an online filing or by mail or facsimile.  The IRS Web site includes detailed instructions on completing an SS-4.

For S-corporations, IRS filings involve Form 2553 for an Election by a Small Business Corporation.  (For more information, go to the IRS Web site for a form,, for instructions.)  To ensure that a Subchapter-S election will allow a new corporation to receive beneficial tax treatment for the first year in which it is paying taxes, Form 2553 should be filed within the first two and one half months following incorporation.   If a timely filing is not completed, Subchapter-S status will apply for the tax year following the year in which the election is made.

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