Issuing Shares of Stock

Issuance of Shares of Stock – Click Here To Order Stock Certificates

(1) The powers granted in this section to the board of directors may be reserved to the shareholders by the articles of incorporation.
(2) The board of directors may authorize shares to be issued for consideration consisting of any tangible or intangible property or benefit to the corporation, including cash, promissory notes, services performed, promises to perform services evidenced by a written contract, or other securities of the corporation.
(3) Before the corporation issues shares, the board of directors must determine that the consideration received or to be received for shares to be issued is adequate. That determination by the board of directors is conclusive insofar as the adequacy of consideration for the issuance of shares relates to whether the shares are validly issued, fully paid, and non assessable. When it cannot be determined that outstanding shares are fully paid and non assessable, there shall be a conclusive presumption that such shares are fully paid and non assessable if the board of directors makes a good faith determination that there is no substantial evidence that the full consideration for such shares has not been paid.
(4) When the corporation receives the consideration for which the board of directors authorized the issuance of shares, the shares issued therefor are fully paid and non assessable. Consideration in the form of a promise to pay money or a promise to perform services is received by the corporation at the time of the making of the promise, unless the agreement specifically provides otherwise.
(5) The corporation may place in escrow shares issued for a contract for future services or benefits or a promissory note, or make other arrangements to restrict the transfer of the shares, and may credit distributions in respect of the shares against their purchase price, until the services are performed, the note is paid, or the benefits received. If the services are not performed, the shares escrowed or restricted and the distributions credited may be canceled in whole or part.

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