Restated Articles of Incorporation.

Florida Corporation – Restated Articles of Incorporation

(1) A corporation’s board of directors may restate its articles of incorporation at any time with or without shareholder action.
(2) The restatement may include one or more amendments to the articles. If the restatement includes an amendment requiring shareholder approval, it must be adopted as provided in s. 607.1003.
(3) If the board of directors submits a restatement for shareholder action, the corporation shall notify each shareholder, whether or not entitled to vote, of the proposed shareholders’ meeting in accordance with s. 607.0705. The notice must also state that the purpose, or one of the purposes, of the meeting is to consider the proposed restatement and contain or be accompanied by a copy of the restatement that identifies any amendment or other change it would make in the articles.
(4) A corporation restating its articles of incorporation shall execute and deliver to the Department of State for filing articles of restatement, that comply with the provisions of s. 607.0120, and to the extent applicable, s. 607.0202, setting forth the name of the corporation and the text of the restated articles of incorporation together with a certificate setting forth:

(a) Whether the restatement contains an amendment to the articles requiring shareholder approval and, if it does not, that the board of directors adopted the restatement; or
(b) If the restatement contains an amendment to the articles requiring shareholder approval, the information required by s. 607.1006.
(5) Duly adopted restated articles of incorporation supersede the original articles of incorporation and all amendments to them.
(6) The Department of State may certify restated articles of incorporation, as the articles of incorporation currently in effect, without including the certificate information required by subsection (4).


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