Secretary of State Florida Amending Articles

Correcting filed document.

(1) A domestic or foreign corporation may correct a document filed by the Department of State within 30 days after filing if the document:

(a) Contains an inaccuracy;
(b) Was defectively executed, attested, sealed, verified, or acknowledged; or
(c) The electronic transmission was defective.
(2) A document is corrected:

(a) By preparing articles of correction that:

1. Describe the document (including its filing date);
2. Specify the inaccuracy or defect to be corrected; and
3. Correct the inaccuracy or defect; and
(b) By delivering the articles of correction to the Department of State for filing, executed in accordance with s. 607.0120.
(3) Articles of correction are effective on the effective date of the document they correct except as to persons relying on the uncorrected document and adversely affected by the correction. As to those persons, articles of correction are effective when filed.

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