Shares of Stock Combination or Division

Shares of Stock Combination or Division

(1) A corporation may effect a division or combination of its shares in the manner as provided in this section. For purposes of this section, the terms “division” and “combination” mean dividing or combining shares of any issued and outstanding class or series into a greater or lesser number of shares of the same class or series.
(2) Unless the articles of incorporation provide otherwise, a division or combination may be effected solely by the action of the board of directors. In effecting a share combination or division, the board shall have authority to amend the articles to:

(a) Increase or decrease the par value of shares;
(b) Increase or decrease the number of authorized shares; or
(c) Make any other changes necessary or appropriate to assure that the rights or preferences of each holder of outstanding shares of all classes and series will not be adversely affected by the combination or division.

The board shall not have the authority to amend the articles, and shareholder approval of any amendment shall be required pursuant to s. 607.1003, if, as a result of the amendment, the rights or preferences of the holders of any outstanding class or series will be adversely affected, or the percentage of authorized shares remaining unissued after the share division or combination will exceed the percentage of authorized shares that was unissued before the division or combination.

(3) Fractional shares created by a division or combination effected under this section may not be redeemed for cash under s. 607.0604.
(4) If a division or combination is effected by a board action without shareholder approval and includes an amendment to the articles of incorporation, there shall be executed in accordance with s. 607.0120 on behalf of the corporation and filed in the office of the Department of State articles of amendment which shall set forth:

(a) The name of the corporation.
(b) The date of adoption by the board of directors of the resolution approving the division or combination.
(c) That the amendment to the articles of incorporation does not adversely affect the rights or preferences of the holders of outstanding shares of any class or series and does not result in the percentage of authorized shares that remain unissued after the division or combination exceeding the percentage of authorized shares that were unissued before the division or combination.
(d) The class or series and number of shares subject to the division or combination and the number of shares into which the shares are to be divided or combined.
(e) The amendment of the articles of incorporation made in connection with the division or combination.
(f) If the division or combination is to become effective at a time subsequent to the time of filing, the date, which may not exceed 90 days after the date of filing, when the division or combination becomes effective.
(5) Within 30 days after effecting a division or combination without shareholder approval, the corporation shall give written notice to its shareholders setting forth the material terms of the division or combination.
(6) If a division or combination is effected by action of the board and of the shareholders, there shall be executed on behalf of the corporation and filed with the Department of State articles of amendment as provided in s. 607.1003, which articles shall set forth, in addition to the information required by s. 607.1003, the information required in subsection (4).
(7) Upon the effectiveness of a combination, the authorized shares of the classes or series affected by the combination shall be reduced by the same percentage by which the issued shares of such class or series were reduced as a result of the combination, unless the articles of incorporation otherwise provide or the combination was approved by the shareholders pursuant to s. 607.1003.
(8) This section applies only to corporations with more than 35 shareholders of record.


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