State of Florida Notary Public

Order Notary Supplies For Florida HERE

How to Become a
Florida Notary Public
Learn what steps to take to become a Notary Public in Florida.
Notary Education Program Take the interactive education program designed for first time applicants for a notary commission.
Notary Search Use this online form to search the Notaries Public database for information about commissioned notaries.
Daily Transaction Journals Daily activity journals reporting updates to the Notaries Public database may be downloaded as ASCII comma-delimited text files.
Notary Processors That Electronically Transfer Notary Applications
Anyone interested in becoming a notary public needs to complete an application packet obtained from one of the Notary Processors that has been approved to electronically submit application information to the Notary Commissions and Certifications Section.
Procedure for Document Authentication
Follow this procedure to have the Secretary of State certify or apostille a document as authentic.
Sample Documents
These are sample notarial documents for an oath or affirmation, an acknowledgement in an individual capacity, and a certified copy.
About the Notary Commissions and Certifications Section The notary public commission is a gubernatorial appointment, and the Notary Commissions and Certifications Section functions as the ministerial issuing office.
Notary Forms Download the application packet and Change of Name form.
Civil Law Notary The Florida Civil Law Notary appointment is a program for Florida Attorneys.
Office of the Governor Notary Section See information from Florida’s Executive Office of the Governor.

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