Steps To Staring a Business in Florida

1. Select a business idea
2. Research Industry Market, customers Competition
3. Startup cost analysis Identify location/site List start-up needs and costs Identify resources needed Consider resources available and financing options
4. Write a Business Plan Write an outline Write a rough draft narrative Finalize startup costs (worksheet) Project your monthly operating costs Project sales Complete a Cash Flow Statement Complete an Income & Expense Statement Do a Breakeven Analysis Complete a Sources and Uses of Funds Finalize the Business Plan narrative Write Executive Summary Add supporting documents
5. Management Team
Insurance agent
6. Startup Checklist
Name availability
Legal structure / file or register
Licensing requirements
State and federal tax registrations
Register for EIN (TIN)
Intellectual Property protection
Business insurance
Zoning and local requirements
Site preparation requirements / environmental considerations
Employee considerations
Image and branding
7. Obtain financing
8. START your business

159 thoughts on “Steps To Staring a Business in Florida”

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