Division FAQs

Public Inquiries & Entity Name Searches

1. What factors are not distinguishable for Florida business entity names?
2. How do I know if an entity name is available?
3. How do I reserve a name?
4. What does “administratively dissolved/revoked,” “involuntarily dissolved,” or “revoked for annual report” mean?
5. Is there a list of newly formed business entities?
6. How current are the records on Sunbiz?

Business Member Inquiries, Changes and Resignations

7. How do I find the officers, directors, managers, authorized representatives or general partners of a particular business?
8. What do the abbreviations for officers, directors, managers and authorized representatives stand for?
9. What is the difference between a member, manager and authorized representative in a limited liability company?
10. How do I change the officers, directors, members or managers of a corporation or limited liability company on your records?
11. How do I resign as an officer, director, manager or authorized representative of a corporation or limited liability company?

Filing Forms, Addresses and Statutes

12. How do I get the necessary filing forms?
13. What are the fees?
14. How do I obtain a copy of a specific Florida Statute?
15. What are your street and mailing addresses?

Forming a New Business Entity

16. How do I form a Florida profit or non-profit corporation?
17. How can I expedite my filing?
18. What is an effective date? When should I list an effective date?
19. How do I form a Florida limited liability company?
20. What types of corporate structures are available in Florida?
21. How do I form a “Sub-S” corporation?
22. Where do I purchase a corporate kit, corporate seal, or stock certificates?
23. Where do I get a business license?
24. What is a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN/EIN)?

Other Services

25. What is a fictitious name and when should it be registered?
26. How do I register a trade name?
27. What is a trademark or service mark?
28. How do I register a mark?

Registered Agent & Office Information

29. What is a registered agent?
30. What is a registered office?
31. How do I resign as registered agent?

Entity Name, Address and Status Changes

32. How do I change the principal office/mailing address or email address for a business in your records?
33. How do I change the registered office address for a business in your records?
34. How do I change the name of my corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership, or limited liability limited partnership?
35. My business entity is no longer in business. How do I dissolve it or cancel its registration?

Complaints & Disputes

36. Where can I file a complaint against a business entity? Are there any existing complaints against a particular business?
37. Can the Division of Corporations assist me with a dispute or issue with a business?
38. I have been listed on a business filing without my knowledge. What can I do?

Online or Faxed Filings, Copies and Certificates

39. Can I file a document by fax?
40. Can I request a certificate of status online?
41. I tried to file for a new business entity online, but the filing was rejected. How do I correct and resubmit the document?
42. Can I abandon a rejected filing and get my money back?
43. I filed my document electronically, but have not received an acknowledgment letter, certificate of status or certified copy in the mail. What should I do?
44. How can I get a copy of a filed document?

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