Become a Member of a Florida LLC

Becoming a member of a Florida LLC

(1) If a limited liability company is to have only one member upon formation, the person becomes a member as agreed by that person and the authorized representative of the company. That person and the authorized representative may be, but need not be, different persons. If different persons, the authorized representative acts on behalf of the initial member.
(2) If a limited liability company is to have more than one member upon formation, those persons become members as agreed by the persons before the formation of the company. The authorized representative acts on behalf of the persons in forming the company and may be, but need not be, one of the persons.
(3) After formation of a limited liability company, a person becomes a member:

(a) As provided in the operating agreement;
(b) As the result of a merger, interest exchange, conversion, or domestication under ss. 605.1001-605.1072, as applicable;
(c) With the consent of all the members; or
(d) As provided in s. 605.0701(3).
(4) A person may become a member without acquiring a transferable interest and without making or being obligated to make a contribution to the limited liability company.


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