Filing Fees For Business Filings In Florida

Fees for filing documents and issuing certificates.The Florida Department of State shall collect the following fees when the documents described in this section are delivered to the department for filing:

(1) Articles of incorporation: $35.
(2) Application for registered name: $87.50.
(3) Application for renewal of registered name: $87.50.
(4) Corporation’s statement of change of registered agent or registered office or both if not included on the annual report: $35.
(5) Designation of and acceptance by registered agent: $35.
(6) Agent’s statement of resignation from active corporation: $87.50.
(7) Agent’s statement of resignation from an inactive corporation: $35.
(8) Amendment of articles of incorporation: $35.
(9) Restatement of articles of incorporation with amendment of articles: $35.
(10) Articles of merger or share exchange for each party thereto: $35.
(11) Articles of dissolution: $35.
(12) Articles of revocation of dissolution: $35.
(13) Application for reinstatement following administrative dissolution: $600.
(14) Application for certificate of authority to transact business in this state by a foreign corporation: $35.
(15) Application for amended certificate of authority: $35.
(16) Application for certificate of withdrawal by a foreign corporation: $35.
(17) Annual report: $61.25.
(18) Articles of correction: $35.
(19) Application for certificate of status: $8.75.
(20) Certificate of domestication of a foreign corporation: $50.
(21) Certified copy of document: $52.50.
(22) Serving as agent for substitute service of process: $87.50.
(23) Supplemental corporate fee: $88.75.
(24) Any other document required or permitted to be filed by this act: $35.