Florida LLC Managers / Members

Limitation of liability of managers and members.—

(1) A manager in a manager-managed limited liability company or a member in a member-managed limited liability company is not personally liable for monetary damages to the limited liability company, its members, or any other person for any statement, vote, decision, or failure to act regarding management or policy decisions by a manager in a manager-managed limited liability company or a member in a member-managed limited liability company unless:
(a) The manager or member breached or failed to perform the duties as a manager in a manager-managed limited liability company or a member in a member-managed limited liability company; and
(b) The manager’s or member’s breach of, or failure to perform, those duties constitutes any of the following:
1. A violation of the criminal law unless the manager or member had a reasonable cause to believe his, her, or its conduct was lawful or had no reasonable cause to believe such conduct was unlawful. A judgment or other final adjudication against a manager or member in any criminal proceeding for a violation of the criminal law estops that manager or member from contesting the fact that such breach, or failure to perform, constitutes a violation of the criminal law, but does not estop the manager or member from establishing that he, she, or it had reasonable cause to believe that his, her, or its conduct was lawful or had no reasonable cause to believe that such conduct was unlawful.
2. A transaction from which the manager or member derived an improper personal benefit, directly or indirectly.
3. A distribution in violation of s. 605.0406.
4. In a proceeding by or in the right of the limited liability company to procure a judgment in its favor or by or in the right of a member, conscious disregard of the best interest of the limited liability company, or willful misconduct.
5. In a proceeding by or in the right of someone other than the limited liability company or a member, recklessness or an act or omission that was committed in bad faith or with malicious purpose or in a manner exhibiting wanton and willful disregard of human rights, safety, or property.
(2) As used in this section, the term “recklessness” means acting or failing to act in conscious disregard of a risk known, or a risk so obvious that it should have been known, to the manager in a manager-managed limited liability company or the member in a member-managed limited liability company, and known to the manager or member, or so obvious that it should have been known, to be so great as to make it highly probable that harm would follow from such action or failure to act.
(3) A manager in a manager-managed limited liability company or a member in a member-managed limited liability company is deemed not to have derived an improper personal benefit from any transaction if the transaction has been approved in the manner as is provided in s. 605.04092 or is fair to the limited liability company as defined in s. 605.04092(1)(c).
(4) The circumstances set forth in subsection (3) are not exclusive and do not preclude the existence of other circumstances under which a manager in a manager-managed limited liability company or a member in a member-managed limited liability company will be deemed not to have derived an improper benefit.

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