Money To Start a Corporation

Free Funds

Everyone wants to know where they can get “free” money. Despite ads indicating there are “giveaways” from the government, the possibility of getting “free” money is slim. Beware of offers to the contrary. If any funds are available, you can find them in the legitimate grant resources below:

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Most small business people finance their business with their own savings, credit cards, home equityloans, or money borrowed from friends and family banks. Local banks can work with you to secure a commercial loan,  However, they will want to see evidence of the 7 C’s of Credit: Credit Score, Collateral, Cash Flow, Conditions, Competence, Character and Capital. Before approaching the bank, you will want to have a solid business plan.



The Small Business Administration provides loan guarantees to banks to encourage funding of small businesses. The SBA does not give out loans; rather, they lend support to your loan request from a bank. The SBA’s website has many excellent, free online courses that can help you get your business started.


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