Filing of Articles of Dissolution for Florida Limited Liability Company / LLC

(1) The articles of dissolution of the limited liability company shall be delivered to the Department of State. If the Department of State finds that such articles of dissolution conform to law, it shall, when all fees and license taxes have been paid as prescribed in this chapter, file the articles of dissolution.
(2) The certificate of dissolution shall be returned to the representative of the dissolved limited liability company. Upon the issuance of such certificate of dissolution, the existence of the limited liability company shall cease, except for the purpose of suits, other proceedings, and appropriate action as provided in this chapter. The manager or managers in office at the time of dissolution, or the survivors of them, or, if none, the members, shall thereafter be trustees for the members and creditors of the dissolved limited liability company; and as such the trustees shall have authority to distribute any property of the limited liability company discovered after dissolution, to convey real estate, and to take such other action as may be necessary on behalf of and in the name of such dissolved limited liability company.

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